Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are healing miracles still happening today? Didn't miracles stop after the Bible was written? 


A: Miracle healings do take place in the modern age. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick, and He never rescinded that command. What has stopped is the teaching of how to see miracles manifest in everyday life.



Q: I have prayed for a sick loved one, yet they died. Why did God let this happen?


A: The effective prayers of the righteous is what gets results. Though all cases are different, at the end of the day, there is a right way to pray for the sick, and a wrong way. Your only obligation is to follow in obedience and pray according to scripture. If you can look in the mirror and honestly say that you prayed according to the Word, then the results are in God's hands, not yours.



Q: Do Spiritual First Responders get 100% positive results? Do you see everyone healed instantly?


A: We are trained to minister according to Biblical principles. We know, from experience, that every time we pray. something in the supernatural moves. Whether we see immediate results or not, our prayers do make a difference. On many occasions we have seen instant healing manifestations. Others, may take a little time, or repeated effort. Either way, we follow in obedience and know that God is true to His promises. 



Q: Does it take great faith to heal the sick?


A: The Bible says we are all given a measure of faith, but it is actually the faith of Jesus, along with your belief, that gets the job done. Our resources will help you learn more about your relationship with Jesus, and how to go and do the things He has commanded us to do. He says we will do the same things He did while on Earth, and even greater things!



Q: Doesn't it take years of Bible study to be able to heal the sick?


A: Actually, you as a Christian are already equipped with everything you need to get started today! The issue is that you haven't been taught, or shown, how to bring this to fruition. A common misconception that is being widely taught is that healing is a gift reserved for a chosen few. The fact is, Jesus has commanded all of His followers to heal the sick, cast out demons, and even raise the dead. You can do this, and we urge you to start now.

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