About Spiritual First Responders

Spiritual First Responders are dedicated to ministering to people that are experiencing spiritual emergencies. We have a particular interest in ministering to the sick and hurting, and offer training classes and resources that help equip the body of Christ to fulfill His Great Commission on Earth.

We are a small organization with big goals. Based in Asheboro, North Carolina, it is our desire to reach the world by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through all available forms of media, and by conducting personal visits to areas that are in need of ministry.

Our focus is to teach believers how to effectively minister to people, often going way beyond what most churches are teaching today. Ironically, our approach consists of actually going back to what the Bible literally says, rather than relying on denominations that teach a powerless Gospel. We go beyond mere words, with a emphasis on teaching with the demonstration of power!

We offer a one-day teaching seminar that explains the entire process of ministering to the sick and hurting. Our course helps you understand your relationship with Jesus, and what He expects from you in fulfilling the Great Commission. By the end of this seminar, you will be taken out into the marketplace to experience activation in what you have learned. You will see the sick healed before your very eyes!

For more information on booking an SFR Training Session, please fill out a contact request and we will get back with you shortly.

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