Help Our Ministry

If you believe in the ministry outreach of Spiritual First Responders, we ask you to prayerfully consider a donation of any amount, which helps us to continue to serve those who are in need. No gift is is too large, or too small, everything helps and is greatly appreciated.

That being said, your donation is not a requirement of our ministry if you are in need of help. There is no amount of money that can "buy" a miracle. If you need prayer, we can reach out to you by phone, social media, and in many cases a personal visit. SFR ministers are volunteers, and they expect no compensation for their services.

We make our teaching materials available at a modest cost, and they are available here on this website. We will not turn away anyone who is need of this information, however. We are not in the business of selling the Gospel. The funds we receive from our printed materials, CD's etc. help defray the costs of production. You may contact us through this website to ask for resources that we make available for free.

It is our desire to see believers properly trained to minister to the sick. In our training sessions, we do ask for a love offering to help defray travel expenses. In many instances, these love offerings are supplemented by the donations we receive through this website. If you would like to help, please click on the following link, and give what the Lord would have you to give: